Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wow, looks like I'll just post every August.

Thanks to those who follow this blog, I apologize about not maintaining it better.

While chugging through school and commissions over the last year, I have managed to compile a pretty big folder of personal sketches in progress. My plan is to open up one a week... finish or scrap it...and post up the ones that turn out halfway decent. That will result in at least one post a week, and should be manageable.

One more semester to go in Grad school. Yaaay! Just in time to step out into economic armageddon with student loans chained to my ankles. Aaaaugh!

Tried a bit of a different style with this one.


Janell said...

I still follow! Amazing work as always!

Chad Weatherford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chad Weatherford said...

Thanks, Janell! Spoke to Jamie the other day, glad you are all doing well!

Stan said...

Unidentified Old Geezer?

nice stylization!

Lionel Cornelius Jr said...

Economic Armageddon...well said! Glad to see some new stuff up dude.

Chad Weatherford said...

Stan, thank you. He should probably be walking through a trailer park.

Thanks, Lionel. Have you finished up yet?