Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Here's a small fraction of work I did for Janelle MonĂ¡e's Archandroid album. The crown and armor was sketched out roughly by me, and then built by Hollywood prop-maker Jessee Clarkson out in L.A. I believe he infused some elegance to the design. The gown was fabricated by Jeff Gillies in Atlanta based on these sketches.

The final crown was pushed more towards a gold 'regal' look throughout the process, reflected in the final product (as opposed to the sketches). Also, the album cover image of the crown and armor was a composite, using photos taken of Janelle in costume by Andrew Zaeh, and pumping it up with additional details and lights. The earrings were painted on.

I should mention that the blast shield is just me nerding out the concept. Needless to say it was never seriously considered.


keira*madeira said...


I have some music from this album on iTunes, right, and I ADORE the artwork. ADORE IT!

Didn't know who did it, and stumbled upon your blog, scrolled down, and there it was, in all it's magnificent beauty.

You are one to follow.


Anonymous said...

Amazing Amazing Amazing artwork. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

sukh said...

Absolutely gorgeous. As soon as I saw that cover I made a mental note to myself to find the artist behind it! you are one very talented guy!

Stan said...

love the Steampunk style...
cool to see the wkg drawings!

...think she let the City Lights get to her head-- OOPS, scratch that